Change automation – the key to SAP DevOps enablement?

Automate SAP change management processes to facilitate DevOps adoption and respond quickly to rapidly changing market conditions.

In just 30 minutes, you will learn much valuable information, and discover how SAP change automation helps to improve DevOps enablement.
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Attend and learn:
• The critical elements of an SAP DevOps strategy
• Why capability across these elements is critical to SAP DevOps success
• How automation can fast-track your SAP DevOps goals

Today, an organization’s ability to react quickly to business demands is directly proportional to its agility and its capability to meet always-changing market conditions swiftly. That means more SAP change, more often. And SAP DevOps is widely recognized as the answer. It creates a culture where higher-quality software can be delivered faster and more safely in response to a dynamic marketplace.

Change management automation is a crucial DevOps enabler, yet, most SAP IT teams haven’t adopted the technology, limiting their likelihood of DevOps success. Continuing with traditional siloed and disconnected systems and processes hinders the successful adoption of a DevOps program.

Get on the fast-track to DevOps success with an approach that combines process elements such as reliability, versatility, flexibility, usability, enforceability, stability, mobility, and interoperability.

Join our webinar for valuable insight into how change management automation improves an organization’s capability in these areas, enabling SAP IT teams to achieve DevOps goals. In just 30 minutes, you will learn much useful information quickly to help advance DevOps enablement across your SAP landscapes.