Treffen Sie das Rev-Trac Team – die Menschen, die Rev-Trac und RSC möglich gemacht haben.

David Drake

CEO and Founder

David Drake gründete RSC als privat finanziertes Unternehmen, um Software zu entwickeln und zu unterstützen, die die komplexe Aufgabe der Verwaltung von SAP-Änderungen und Projektentwicklungen vereinfacht. Er war der ursprüngliche Entwickler des RSC-Flaggschiffprodukts Rev-Trac und der Designer von Salt (jetzt Rev-Trac Insights). David beaufsichtigte die Einführung der Lösungen, die seine Vision von hochautomatisierter Software für SAP-Unternehmenssysteme jeder Größe widerspiegelten.

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Dave Gordon

Chief Information Officer

Dave joined the company in 2009 as the senior technology executive, rising to the role of CIO for the RSC brands. Dave oversees IT team management – including development, support and infrastructure – and engages with RSC’s brands for the provision of services and customer engagement upon business requirements.

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Wendy Marris

Chief Finance Officer

Wendy first joined the company in 2007 as a finance consultant before taking on the CFO role in 2014. Wendy oversees the finances of the RSC brands, bringing over 20 years of finance expertise in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds. She has run her own successful business, delivering specialized accounting, tax compliance and finance services across a range of industries.

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Fiona Lorenzini

Head of Marketing

Fiona first joined the company in 2017 to oversee marketing activities – from strategy to execution – and help realize RSC’s vision for its multiple brands. Fiona has extensive experience in the software and technology industry in a variety of marketing roles, enabling her to build effective programs for individual RSC brands, expanding their reach into local and global markets.

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Chris Drake

Director of Products and Services

Chris first joined the company in 2007 on the front line in customer support. In the role, he gained a comprehensive knowledge of the concerns and priorities customers have from both a user and strategic decision-maker standpoints. Working in the field as an implementation consultant, Chris has a deep understanding of SAP and change management and the impact manual processes have on SAP systems stability.

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Dan McGrann

Sales Director

Dan first joined the company in 2015 to grow Rev-Trac’s partner ecosystem and build relationships with like-minded organizations to creates strategic DevOps initiatives for SAP-using enterprises. Dan has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s SAP IT teams, particularly in SAP change management, cross-platform integration trends and DevOps best practices.

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Adam Cleversley

Development Lead

Adam first joined the company in 2003 as an ABAP developer with a focus on developing and supporting RSC’s flagship SAP change control and automation platform, Rev-Trac. Adam understands the business need to innovate through SAP end-to-end implementations and the role Rev-Trac plays in today’s new DevOps environments.

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