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Master a multi-lane approach to SAP change

Is a multi-lane approach to managing SAP change top of mind but you don’t know how to begin your journey? Or have you adopted a multi-lane strategy and are trying to achieve your objectives? Discover how to implement a multi-lane method to SAP application development and meet constantly changing business demands.
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Download, ‘A practical guide to a multi-lane approach for continuous SAP change delivery’, and find out:
  • The benefits of a multi-lane approach for a continuous delivery strategy
  • How to implement a multi-lane approach across your SAP environment
  • The different types of SAP change to be managed
  • Why SAP change management automation software is critical to success

How to master SAP change control
with a multi-lane strategy

Organizations are under pressure to deliver stable, working software into production faster than ever before. Accelerating the volume, velocity and quality of SAP change can be a nightmare. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. To deliver faster, safer change, organizations, are increasingly implementing a multi-lane approach to SAP change management.

Adopting a multi-lane strategy to managing SAP change delivery enables a rapid response to constant shifts in business demands, helping organizations to survive in today’s digital world.

Transforming SAP application development is the key to success. Changes in culture, processes and technology are crucial, particularly in organizations who rely largely on manual processes. Eliminating error-prone manual tasks and enforcing consistent change processes optimize SAP application development without breaking production. Importantly, automating SAP change management processes help to increase the speed and volume of change and ensure collisions are avoided at production delivery time.

Rev-Trac Platinum – a powerful and flexible SAP change management automation platform – cost-effectively manages SAP change delivery. The software includes the necessary toolsets, governance and controls to deliver more change, more frequently, even as your SAP environment grows in size and complexity.

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