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How to build a business case for automated SAP change management

For businesses in today’s digital economy, automating SAP change management processes is essential for success. Discover how to use predictable costs and known baselines to build a compelling business case for automation and quickly realize value from your SAP investment.
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Download our eBook, ‚The ROI of automated SAP change management – building the business case‘, and help your team:

  • understand why automated SAP change management is important,
  • determine how much your SAP change management processes cost the business,
  • find out how to calculate the benefits of automating your SAP change management processes, and
  • discover the ‘real’ gains that can be achieved with Rev-Trac Platinum.

Automation + repeatable processes – win over the CFO

Today, more than ever before, businesses across every sector must react quickly to constant changes in the marketplace to survive. Automation is increasingly seen as the way forward. Businesses who automate SAP change management processes can build and enhance applications and services faster and more efficiently.

The key to winning over your CFO is to create a compelling business case demonstrating the value of automation to the bottom line. This involves undertaking a rigorous investigation of your current SAP change management practices to provide believable ROI projections based on predictable costs and known baselines.

With Rev-Trac Platinum, error-prone manual tasks are eliminated and replaced with automated, repeatable processes. The software allows organizations to accelerate the frequency and volume of SAP change, avoid costly and frustrating unscheduled downtime and better align application delivery with business requirements.

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