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Automatic transport migration

This video shows how digital approvals can trigger automatic SAP transport migrations, removing the need for Basis resources to be involved with promoting transports across the SAP landscape.

Runtime: 4:25

Parallel development safety suite

This video shows how Rev-Trac automatically assists in prevention of inadvertent and enablement of necessary parallel development via the Extended Locking capabilities. Furthermore, you will see how Rev-Trac’s Overtake & Overwrite Prevention System automatically keeps users informed when attempting to perform migrations out of sequence or which may result in downgrades to Production.

Runtime: 8:35

Flexible and dynamic approval process

This video shows some of the options available for implementation on any approval process at any organisation. This scenario follows an ITIL process, but can also be adapted for organisation looking to adopt CICD, Agile, DevOps or completely customized approach to automatically managing SAP changes.

Runtime: 16:27

Agile workbench

See how Rev-Trac brings a fully integrated and automatic Agile board to SAP development teams. This video shows digital audit ready approvals performed via drag-and-drop across a Kanban/scrum board. Furthermore, the drag-and-drop puts transport migration and sequencing controls into the hands of the developers – ensuring a successful migration into QA before the change is considered complete.

Runtime: 5:33

Integration Demonstrations

Rev-Trac and Jira integration

Seamless integration supports agile SAP application delivery

See how a Rev-Trac and Jira integration allows Jira teams to easily plan and control the build and delivery of SAP changes. The bi-directional integration offers a seamless experience, with Jira tasks kept up-to-date as SAP transports progress from Development through QA to Production.

Runtime: 5:59

Rev-Trac and ServiceNow DevOps integration

Tightly integrate ITSM with SAP change management

This video demonstrates the ability to have bi-directional integration between a ServiceNow Change Request and a Rev-Trac request. The result allows for the business to be informed of the progress and manage approvals for transports in ServiceNow.

Runtime: 7:01

Rev-Trac Tosca DevOps integration

Regression test automation built into the SAP change management process

This video showcases Tosca’s capabilities and demonstrates how an organisation can automate regression testing on successful imports of changes to a test system. Furthermore, Rev-Trac can assess and respond to the test results – automatically handing failures back to the development team and allowing for successful changes to progress.

Runtime: 13:26

Rev-Trac Release Management

Watch to learn how SAP change releases are moved safely from development through to production with Rev-Trac’s release management. This video provides insight into how a Rev-Trac release containing multiple Rev-Trac requests, upon approval, can be migrated as a single unit of work to production at a scheduled time.

Runtime: 10:53

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